Alignment, not hustle + details about the next Mindful Market!

Alignment, not hustle. I recently heard this phrase and as soon as I did I wrote it down and put it in a place that I could see it everyday. Have you thought of yourself as a hustler? Have you taken pride in the fact that you hustle and make things happen because of it? Me too. And then one day it hit me that my hustle doesn't feel good. Working multiple jobs, saying yes more than I wanted, working the hardest, and looking past my exhaustion to prove to myself that I was a hustler never really fed my soul

Though the hustler spirit is part of the reason why I started Soul Crown Co., the main reason I have made it this far (and enjoy running my business) is because of alignment and flow. Alignment and flow to me is how I take the tight grip off my businesses neck and let things unfold organically. Yes, of course, there is action steps I must take but alignment and flow is the energy I allow myself to be in so that I don't put so much pressure on myself and my business that I can't move forward (and be smiling and dancing while I do).

Are you familiar with alignment and flow? Where in your life are you already flowing like a river? And where could you flow even more? 

If you are hustlin' hustlin' hustlin' and you're loving it, you do you boo - just remember to breathe, trust, and allow yourself to enjoy the ride because that is what this whole life is really about anyways.

Keep on keeping on :)

**Mark your calendars for next Friday July 22 @ 3 PST for the next Mindful Market!**

Mindful Market is Soul Crown Co.'s virtual shopping event!! There will be 6 sustainable brands showcasing some of their favorite products for you to buy right then and there via Zoom (and everything is 15% off!) The event will last around an hour long. 

Not only will you get to experience the ease of sustainable shopping all in one spot, you also get to connect with the makers of the products AND support businesses that are doing right in the world - and with all that is happening right now, we NEED to be supporting good businesses that are in alignment with our values! 

Items being sold include: bamboo kitchen utensils, hemp underwear, sustainable swimwear from Maui, natural and vegan skincare, sustainable womens clothing, and crystals!!

To register for this FREE event, click here!

The feedback from the last Mindful Market was that it was FUN, EASY TO SHOP, EXCITING TO MEET THE MAKERS & DESIGNERS OF THE PRODUCTS, & THE BEST WAY TO LEARN ABOUT NEW SUSTAINABLE BRANDS (because we all love Mother Earth and want to protect her!)

Soul excited to see you there!

With gratitude, 



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