Conscious consumerism beyond the fashion industry - how you can make a difference

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Conscious Consumerism : what is it and how you can make a difference by consuming consciously in your day to day life :)

Conscious consumerism : shopping with sustainability in mind. Making decisions when purchasing products that take the planet, the workers, the makers into consideration ... how beautiful is it that we can say YES to the values we believe in with our dollar! I believe we are so used to the big companies being "the bad guys" that we forget WE hold the power as the consumer - it just takes a small amount of switching up how we used to do things because what got us here, won't get us there.


1. Do a little research. Check trusted sources like B Lab, Fairtrade International, & Good On You to see if the companies you're buying from are really doing their part.

2. Donate! Donate your time for a cause you believe in and what I believe to be most important is .... money. Donating money helps the people doing the work really show up in the places that can make the most differences. Check here, here, and here.

3. Sllooooowww down. It actually cracks me up to say this out loud because I have more energy than most people and am always on the move, however, I have learned to slow down, take breaths, and check in with my body as I manuever through my day - when it comes to purchasing products, I use these tools and they stop me from mindlessly buying from Amazon or "accidentally" spending $200 at Target on a trip I was only meant to buy toilet paper on. When I slow down and am intentional, I do my research on products and businesses, I allow space to change my mind on products I thought I "needed" at one time, and I feel more connected to the products I buy because I feel I bought them from a more loving place within me. I encourage you to practice this (yes, it is a practice) and see what shifts for you.

I would love to hear from YOU! Comment below with ways in which you practice shopping intentionally.

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