Interview with Mary Dillon of fashion blog, Exploring Simple

We are soul excited to share our interview with, Mary Dillon, lover of fashion (and cats) and creator of, Exploring Simple, a fashion blog highlighting how to create a versatile and thoughtful wardrobe. 

Describe the moment you first fell in love with fashion - what was the catalyst? How did that lead you to starting Exploring Simple?

I first fell in love with fashion in middle school. Probably like a lot of other women, I received my first Vogue magazine and fell in love with everything about it. Ever since then I never stopped exploring my personal style! When I moved to NYC in my mid twenties, I realized I had so many clothes and still didn’t feel like I was representing ‘me’ in the way I dressed. I noticed on Instagram some women wearing capsule wardrobes and talking about finding your personal style. It really resonated with my since it was something I used to think about so often and had moved away from. So, I decided to take 20 items I liked the best from my wardrobe and to only wear those pieces for a month. I took pictures of my outfits every day and posted to Instagram and Exploring Simple was born! The name kind of found itself out of my journey to explore a more simple wardrobe. 

What is your mission for Exploring Simple? 

My mission is to help other women find their personal style and build a wardrobe they love. I like to share multiple ways to wear effortless, wardrobe basics hoping to give outfit ideas that are effortless, classic and easy. 

I also want to encourage people to curate a small closet full of items they truly love. To step away from fast fashion and really consider what they’re purchasing, why, and who made it. There are so many wonderful small brands out there making quality, beautiful pieces so I hope to find and share those makers with my readers as well. 

Your best fashion tip for someone wanting to buy less and still have plenty of outfit options?

Go through your closet and pick out a few things you wear the most in every category (shirts, pants, sweaters etc.). Get a good sense of what you gravitate towards. Invest in a few well made pieces you can mix and match with what you already have. Then slowly you can add what you find missing over time. Also coming up with a color scheme is super helpful for mixing and matching! 

Your current fav piece in your closet & why? 

I love my Jesse Kamm handy pants in pacific blue! The color is beautiful, the fit is perfect, and they go with every single thing in my closet. 


2 pieces that EVERY closet needs!?

A perfect pair of go-to pants you always feel amazing in and a top you could wear any day with anything! Right now I have a pair of stretchy wide leg jeans I could wear everyday and a frilly floral blouse that makes any bottom look chic. With these two items you always have a 5 second ready to go outfit. 

3 things you’re most grateful for in your life right now? 

My wonderful friends, family, and cat Newton.

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  • Hi Kelly, Awesome interview! I love your website and the clothes you sell. I can’t wear anything sheer because at my age I might get arrested but, definitely will be purchasing more clothes from you. Keep up the great work. You’re an inspiration to women of all ages! Sally D.

    Sally Dillon

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