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Have you ever had an idea that felt more like a calling? Something that spoke straight from your soul? Like it was meant for you and only you to bring forth into the world? That’s what Soul Crown Co. is to us.

Intentionally Doing Our Part to Cultivate Sustainability 

What does sustainability mean to us? 

For us, sustainability means shopping with intention from businesses with shared values and in protecting the planet through supporting minimal to no plastic use, earth-friendly packaging, and products made with up-cycled and locally-sourced materials. We curate women-owned, small batch, and sustainable fashion brands that align with our vision for a clean planet. 

We believe that you can have versatility and sustainability through investing in thoughtfully-created, women-made staples that make you feel comfy and confident. 

At Soul Crown Co., we focus on women-owned fashion. We believe women who are supported, create wealth for themselves and are able to contribute to their communities from their highest selves and make a bigger impact. 

We believe in doing our part by creating a sustainable and intentionally-sourced brand that aligns with your values.

An ever-evolving journey of hope for ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth led us here, and we're soul grateful you landed here too!

with love + joy + gratitude

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