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Our Story

Ever wake up one morning with an idea and it just feels right? Like it was meant for you and only you to bring forth into the world? That’s what Soul Crown Co. is to us. 

Love Yourself First

At Soul Crown Co., we believe that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we look inward on a soul level, we create space for support, creativity, and connection to flourish. Tuning in and trusting our Higher Selves and the Universe empowers us to share our gifts with one another—and it all starts within. 

We curate women-owned, small-batch, and sustainable fashion brands that align with our vision for a clean planet where people feel loved, confident, and connected to their Higher Selves. Everything is created with intention, because aligning with your values paves the way for endless expansion inward and outward. 

Soul Crown Co. was born from my own healing process, a profound lesson in learning to accept and love myself deeply, finding the courage to let go and be who I always knew I was—creative, grounded, passionate, and ready to empower others. An ever-evolving journey of healing, self-love, and trust in the Universe led me here, and I’m so grateful you landed here too!

with love + joy + gratitude

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